10 Reasons To Get An L Shape Sofa Over a Sofa

10 Reasons To Get An L Shape Sofa Over a Sofa

10 Reasons To Get An L Shape Sofa Over a Sofa

So you’re thinking of buying a sofa. Moved into a new home? Renovating your living room? Or were you just forced to toss out your old sofa? Either way, now you’ve got a new sofa to buy, and that means you’ve got decisions to make. Sofa or an L Shape Sofa?

We at Fella Design have been furnishing the living rooms of Malaysians for over 30 years. If there’s anyone you should take advice from before purchasing a sofa or decorating your living room, it’s us!

And here’s what we want to tell you in 2020: GET AN L-SHAPE SOFA! (or it’s brother/sister, sectionals or a corner set) To help you understand why we suggest an L-shape sofa for your living room, we’ll give you 10 solid reasons! So read on!


1. An L-Shape Sofa Is Casual

l shape sofa casual

First of all, an L-shape sofa is casual. It’s less formal, and therefore inviting. Increasingly, the symbols of wealth and luxury in our time have been evolving from one of abundance, to that of minimalism. When before, a luxurious home is one that is stiff and filled with heavy, ornate furniture (which can be suffocating for some nowadays), today, a luxurious home is minimal, simple, clean and immaculate.

An L-shape sofa fits this bill nicely. Instead of a living room seating arrangement that consists of several sofas and wingchairs, which can be cluttered and overly formal, a single L-shape sofa, with at maximum, an accent chair, can be more fun, casual, and welcoming.


2. Space Efficient

l shape sofa space

One well-known advantage of L-shape sofas, sectionals or corner sets is their space efficiency. Unlike a regular sofa, which has a fixed shape, most sectionals or corner sets can be molded to fit the space they need to go in. Furthermore, L-shape sofas, which are unlike sectionals in that they, too, have a fixed shape, can still fill up awkward corners and bring exceptional value to unused space. What’s more, an L-shape sofa is also the perfect shape to fit a sweet coffee table right in front of you, to put your drinks, or put up your legs!

Which brings us to our next point…


3. Versatile


L-shape sofas, sectionals and corner sets are extremely flexible pieces of furniture. They are versatile and adaptive, only because they can be customized and modified, and only because the shape of an L-shape allows itself to fit into awkward corners that can rarely be fleshed out as beautifully by some other piece of furniture.

Although L-shape sofas, sectionals and corner sets take up more space, they can seat more people, more comfortably, and they use that space more efficiently than regular sofas or a regular seating arrangement would. This makes them very suitable and highly recommended for those with custom needs, or those who want to take matters into their own hands and design a living room they can be proud of.


4. Storage Space

l shape sofa storage

Unlike a majority of regular sofas, sectionals and corner sets especially are modified to come with storage spaces under the seats. This falls in line with the more functional nature of this type of furniture. With this additional storage space, you can free up your walls to create more space in the living room, allowing it to breathe instead of crowing it with storage cabinets and the like. You can put additional cushions, quilts or throws in these storage spaces, keeping your living room clutter-free, open and airy.


5. Affordable


Relative to buying an entire living room set, which nowadays consist of one 3-seater, one 2-seater, and perhaps one or two wingchairs, a single L-shape sofa and an accent chair would be perfect. Homes are getting smaller and smaller now anyway, and space becomes much more important. An L-Shape Sofa might be more expensive than a single 3-seater sofa, but it seats more people anyway! An L-Shape Sofa is like a 3-seater sofa and a daybed put together for a much cheaper price than getting the two separately.


6. Improved Aesthetics


How long haven’t you changed the furniture in your living room? Maybe it’s time for an upgrade? Got that old couch that’s been sitting in your living room for a decade? Time for a facelift perhaps? Let us give you this advice: go for an L-shape sofa. It’s trending, in-fashion, stylish, elegant and modern. If you’re looking to revamp your living room, or if you’re looking to put some pep, some vim back into your living room: go for an L-shape sofa!


7. Comfortable

comfortable sofa

Creating cozy, casual places to relax at home is more important that creating a huge, formal and uncomfortable living room that barely gets used. An L-shape sofa, sectional or corner set is perfect for creating that inviting, welcoming vibe you would look forward too when returning home. It’s shape is perfect for lounging, and excellent for placing in comfortable, cozy corners where you can curl up and read, or just have some tea on a rainy day. The comfort and coziness provided by an L-shape compared to a regular sofa can’t be overstated!


8. Excellent For Regular Entertainers

cornet set

In Malaysia, where the culture is to invite people into your home and have “open houses”, and people usually host guests, friends and family in the comfort of home, the L-shape sofa, sectional or corner set is the perfect seating arrangement to have in your living room. If you frequently host guests in your home, you want them to be able to settle down comfortably and casually. L-shapes are perfect for this! What’s more, you can double an L-shape sofa as a daybed to host a guest for a night if they are bedding down in your living room!


9. Low Maintenance

sofa repair

With more standard seating arrangements, such as a 3-seater, a 2-seater and one or two wingchairs, maintenance is actually quite high. Some sofas lift themselves off the ground, revealing the floor they cover. This means that regular cleaning of those floors is required, which means regular moving around of those big, heavy sofas!

Sure, corner sets and sectionals are even more heavy, and they take a lot of effort and manpower to set up at home. But once they are set up, they no longer have to moved for years. This makes them pretty low maintenance as sofas come.


10. Gimmicks

cool sofa

Finally, with swanky L-shape sofas, imported sectionals and corner sets, you can look forward to sweet gimmicks, and really cool features. Some have built in USB charging spots, adjustable headrests, electronic or non-electronic reclining seats, you name it! Because these furniture pieces are so trendy, they get kitted out with the most innovative design.


With these 10 reasons, we hope you’re convinced that L-shape sofas, sectionals and corner sets are the way forward. This doesn’t mean that a regular seating arrangement won’t be beautiful or functional! Interior design trends go back and forth all the time, this time it’s L-shapes, who knows what will it be next time?

Whatever it is next time, Fella Design will always be there to give you the best tips and advice on how to have the most comfortable living room for your family!