Self-Isolation: 7 Must Have Furniture You Wish You Had


As the global pandemic of Covid-19, the new coronavirus, ravages the world, millions of people around the world are undergoing self-isolation or being quarantined by their governments. Thanks to the Restricted Movement Order by the new Perikatan Nasional government, millions of Malaysians join other nation’s citizens in staying at home – but what is there to do?

Some people are hunkering down to work from home, others are pursuing house-hobbies like gardening, reading, or cooking! Well, Fella Design has a suggestion: while you are undergoing self-isolation, why not take the time off to clean, organize, re-decorate, and make your home the most comfortable place it can be? Afterall, you’re going to be stuck in this space for 2 weeks, don’t you want to be stuck in a beautiful, cosy home instead of a jail cell?

If you don’t have these yet, here are 7 pieces of furniture you wish you had when undergoing self-isolation!


1. Lift Top Coffee Table

lift top coffee table

Popularized by the world-famous Ashley Furniture Homestore, Fella Design also carries the functional lift top coffee table. Most coffee tables tend to be one-dimensional, only serving the purpose to hold drinks and other items at a height low enough so that it won’t affect the line of sight of the people around sitting on sofas who are talking to each other or trying to watch TV.

The lift top coffee table combines form and function. The top of the coffee table can be lifted on smooth-gliding hydraulics to raise the height of the coffee table, eventually achieving a height of a dining table or study table, allowing you to work on the lift top with a laptop, or even have a meal while watching TV.

A perfect addition for those undergoing self-isolation from Covid-19 who want the comfort to sit in a sofa while at the same time doing work from home! Get more coffee table ideas, or browse Fella Design’s collection of coffee tables!

  • Urlander Lift Top Coffee Table


2. L-Shape Sofa

corner set

Once upon a time, the go-to seating arrangements for living rooms was to combine a 3-seater, a 2-seater, and a 1-seater of the same design. At Fella Design, this was extremely popular, especially sofas in the traditional English Cottage style and floral print.

Nowadays though, with compact living rooms becoming more and more popular, smaller seating arrangements have taken centre stage. Usually, one 3-seater with a single accent chair or 2 wingchairs has become a popular way to arrange a living room.

L-Shape sofas also have become tremendously popular in making living rooms more exciting and comfortable. Essentially, you can think of an L-Shape sofa as a cross between a sofa and a daybed! Allowing you to lounge as well as sit upright, it’s perfect if you have to stay at home and spending a lot of time in your living room!

Read our 10 Easy Tips to Pick Your Living Room Sofa, or browse Fella Design’s sofa collection!


3. Mattress


Most people have mattresses, that’s true, otherwise, how do they sleep comfortably in the beds that they have bought? The real question is: how many people have a truly comfortable mattress? A mattress that is worth every ringgit spent, a mattress so comfortable that you can fall in love with it? The answer: not many people.

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time at home, especially during the Malaysian government’s Movement Restriction Order for the next two weeks, maybe you should think about finally investing in a truly comfortable, high-quality mattress!

From March until April 2020, Fella Design is having an amazing MATTRESS PROMOTION! Check it out and get great discounts!

  • Fella Design Cloud Series 10 Mattress

  • Fella Design Cloud Series 12 Mattress

  • mattress
    Fella Design Cloud Series 8 Mattress


4. Recliner


Ah, the old reliable recliner. Unfortunately, not as popular anymore these days, as people opt for accent chairs and wing chairs, something that provides a finer aesthetic. In times when you’re forced to undergo self-isolation however…Comfort is King.

When was the last time you actually settled down into a well-made recliner? When was the last time you sank into a chair built with supreme comfort in mind? Remember, recliners are also mechanized, installed with a retractable footrest.

In these times, where people have to be mindful and stay at home, don’t you wish you had thought about it and got yourself a recliner? Browse Fella Design’s collection of recliners today!

  • Alenya Recliner
  • Bloxham Recliner

  • McGann Recliner


5. Daybed


A particularly fancy piece of furniture, for you to put at the end of a bed, against a wall, or even to replace where an armchair or wingchair would be, a daybed is perfect for lounging or taking naps in the living room. Most daybeds nowadays are fluff or accent pieces, with a strong focus on design.

As a rule however, daybeds are generally more comfortable than sofas, especially if you’re cooped up at home for weeks. Having a comfortable daybed where you can casually lie down and stretch your feet out every once in a while might be a great addition to your living room or even your bedroom!


6. Sofabed


Sofabeds are yet another piece of furniture that has stopped becoming popular, but in strange times, new life can be breathed into the old. An excellent example of form and function, a good sofabed looks exactly like a sofa, with the added capacity to change itself into a bed!

Want to transform your living room into a cosy hideout away from the outside world while you’re self-isolating? Get yourself a sofabed right now!

  • Alenya Sofa Bed

  • Aramore Sleeper Sofa


7. Study Table


Most people’s homes have become largely a place to eat and sleep in. Aside from those people who work from home already, other people don’t necessarily have such facilities equipped. With so many people working at home during the government’s Restricted Movement Order, we’ll see people working at their dining tables instead, which might not necessarily be the optimal place for working from home.

Deck yourself out with a solid study table, why not? If you’re looking to spend a lot of time at home, working, even pursuing hobbies like writing, painting or drawing, even all the various hobbies on a desktop or laptop, a sturdy study table is one of the better investments you can make to facilitate your hobby!

  • Baldridge Office Desk
  • Mirimyn Office Desk (White)

  • Realyn Office Desk


In the end, although we are restricted from moving about, and generally encouraged to stay at home, this doesn’t have to be a thoroughly negative experience. We can be optimistic by accepting and adapting to our situation, and exerting control on the things that we can indeed control. Work on your home! Make it comfortable and cosy, make yourself proud of your living space! We hope our tips have given you an idea of how you can do that.

From Fella Design, to all Malaysians, we wish everyone good luck, stay safe and stay sanitized in this challenging time!